National Cardiac Life support program launched at Bangalore

Narayana Health City in association with Society for Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI) and Association of Health Care Providers India (AHPI) has launched a National Cardiac Life support program. Intended for health care providers, the programme will impart training on basic and advanced life support techniques and enable practitioners to offer resuscitation for patients both within as well as outside the Hospital.

Speaking about introducing this training programme, Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman Narayana Health said, “The objective of this training program is to ensure that all healthcare providers are trained in life-support techniques and well prepared for any emergency situation to save a life. We had a very encouraging response and with the support from AHPI and SEMI, this program will be taken to various parts of the country reaching out to a large section of healthcare providers in the country that will change the way emergency is handled in our country.”


Modeled on the lines of international courses conducted in USA, the ‘Make in India’ programme has been conceptualized adopting the valid international guidelines and adapting to unique scenarios that occur in India. The first-of-its kind training programme was hosted at Narayana Health City and launched by Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman –Narayana Health along with Dr. Alexander Thomas, President – AHPI. A national level programme, the initiative aims to host the training in at least 200 institutions and train around 20000 healthcare professionals by the year end.

“Identifying and offering the most effective and timely emergency service can avert a possible mishap in most of the people with sudden cardiac arrest. A timely intervention not only saves a person but it also saves the family and the community.”, said Dr. Srinath T S, Group Head, Emergency Services, Narayana Health City, Bengaluru.

Dr Alexander Thomas, President AHPI (Association of Health Care Providers India), said “Developed in association with Society of Emergency Medicine and AHPI, this course aims to customise training to the Indian context. Affordable, without compromising on quality, this ‘made in India’ curriculum will be available through a large network of hospitals throughout the country, and will provide training to prepare the healthcare professionals and others in addressing emergencies.”

The two days course will impart knowledge on proper identification and management of pre-cardiac arrest such as cardiac arrhythmias, acute coronary syndrome, heart blocks and so on. It also imparts training on basic and advanced life support techniques to be offered to adults and children in cardiac arrest scenarios. The participants are also trained on Airway skills, basics of mechanical ventilation, defibrillation and cardioversion, resuscitation techniques in special situations such as poisoning, drowning, stroke, and heart attack. It also enables them with effective communication and documentation capabilities.

Accredited by the West Bengal University of Health Sciences, the training certification is valid for 2 years and can be hosted by any healthcare organization at their own premises. The current two-day comprehensive workshop will train and certify health care professionals including doctors, nurses and paramedics.

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