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Philips Healthcare to Market SyntheticMR’s Software Solution

To shorten scan times, improve patient throughput and provide quantitative data

Stockholm: SyntheticMR, medical imaging software developer has said that its software solutions will be available to Philips Healthcare customers across US. The company signed an agreement with Philips Healthcare US to integrate SyntheticMR’s imaging software solution SyMRI into the Philips product catalogue. The Philips Healthcare US sales team will now be able to offer SyntheticMR’s full solution to their customers.

“Healthcare providers in North America through this collaboration will now have quicker access to a solution that can help shorten scan times, improve patient throughput and provide quantitative data, which will be critical in post COVID-19 times,” says Kyle Frye, President SyntheticMR Inc. “I am excited to accelerate our growth on the US market together with Philips Healthcare and for their sales team to begin selling our product by mid-June.”


Philips Healthcare currently offers the quantitative sequence SyntAc as an option to their customers, and adding SyntheticMR’s software solution enables the customer to generate multiple contrast-weighted images and volumetric data in a single 5-6 minute scan. SyntheticMR’s product is compatible with most MRI scanners from Philips Healthcare.

“Philips Healthcare is an important partner in our ambitions to provide customers with workflow improvements and objective decision support,” says Ulrik Harrysson, CEO, SyntheticMR AB. “This agreement is an important step for a closer collaboration with Philips Healthcare on a global level.”

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