Sutureless Aortic Valve Replacement conducted at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital

BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a part of Parkway Pantai, successfully performed sutureless aortic valve replacement. Sutureless aortic valve replacement is designed to be highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of surgical approaches, including traditional and minimally invasive.

With this method, one does not need any stitches to attach the foreign valve to the heart. It ensures better function than a sutured valve as it allows a larger orifice for blood to pass through. Being sutureless, a standard operation is also much quicker and thereby improves surgical outcomes and facilitates a minimally invasive approach suitable for higher risk patients. This procedure has been used in Europe and other parts of the world for over a decade with excellent results. There have been more than 22000 implants worldwide.

Saritha (name changed), 82, had undergone an aortic valve replacement eight years ago in another hospital. This valve failed and was creating an obstruction of blood from the pumping chamber (left ventricle) to the organs in the body. This resulted in breathlessness which was restricting her activity and tiring her heart. If left untreated, the patient could suffer from serious heart failure or even death in 2-4 years.

An Echo scan of …

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