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Where Are We With Consumer-Centric Healthcare Delivery

Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Associate Director, Mahajan Imaging

I am going to make a confession about Mahajan Imaging, the chain of radiology centres that I run – we track several metrics as part of our quality program, but one metric that always stands out negatively, is waiting time. The waiting time issue, if I can call it that, is one that is generally restricted to MRI scanning and ultrasound scanning. There are two perspectives of viewing this parameter, the consumer’s and the patient’s. From a “consumer” standpoint, making someone wait is probably the worst thing one can do to a consumer. It might indicate that a service provider does not value its customer’s time, and hence does not value the customer themselves. Conversely, if we view this parameter from a “patient” and “clinical” standpoint, we realise that the reason most patients face the waiting time issue is because some other patient needed some more time to, in our particular case, build a better and more accurate diagnosis. What this should indicate to a patient is that the service provider would similarly give extra “time” to him/her as well, hence arriving at a proper, more accurate diagnosis. In fact, we have had …

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