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Is Artificial Intelligence = Cost Saving for Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is altering our concept of healthcare delivery one solution at a time. Be it teleradiology, remote diagnosis, eICU or a robotic surgeon every bit of healthcare delivery is fascinatingly being altered and we are accepting the change. According to a new Accenture Report (Artificial Intelligence: Healthcare’s New Nervous System) AI applications are estimated to save US healthcare industry about $150 billion over the next 10 years.

That is not all. Companies are acquiring AI start-ups vehemently; no wonder the AI based industry is expected to grow at 40 % CAGR in the next five years. “AI represents a significant opportunity for industry players to manage their bottom line in a new payment landscape, while capitalizing on new growth potential,” the report states. The

report ranked AI applications by their potential for cost saving for the US healthcare industry and robotic-assisted surgery with estimated cost saving of $40 billion toped the list.

To capitalize on the AI wave the report cautiously prescribes that the companies pay attention to a few key considerations. Firstly, healthcare workforce should work alongside AI to be able to bring out the best results. “The nature of work and employment is rapidly …

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